For over 25 years, Casanova Italian Restaurant and Deli has proudly served the Maui community as an award-winning restaurant serving up authentic Italian cuisine and world-class entertainment. Just ask any Maui Resident and they’ll tell you – Casanova is practically a way of life. It’s the eclectic go-to spot for patrons to enjoy an energizing morning cup of coffee with breakfast, mid-day lunch retreat, family-style dinner, romantic Italian dining experience and night out on the town with good friends.

The story begins in 1986 when four Italian friends, just arrived from the Mainland, opened Casanova Deli in Makawao. From the minute the deli opened its doors, Maui was won over by the tasty cappuccinos and lattes, fresh-baked croissants, gourmet pastas, hot Panini over focaccia and homemade mozzarella cheese. In 1989, the deli expanded to what’s known today as Casanova Italian Restaurant and Deli.

WOW, a little slice of Italian Heaven in Maui!


Casanova is as much a part of Maui’s vibrant history as the building in which it resides. Built before World War II, the building is one of the oldest structures in Upcountry Maui. It served as a USO for American Marines during WWII and a rodeo club with swing dancing throughout the early 1980s when Makawao was the commercial hub of the paniolo (cowboy) community.

It’s no coincidence that the Italian roots of the current ownership reflect the international flavors of Maui’s Upcountry community at present-day: historic Makawao is now an art town, with galleries showcasing traditional Hawaiian crafts next to the amazing talents of the new wave of Maui’s Artists, and a sophisticated collection of boutiques, yoga studios and great eateries. In other words, a must-see destination for visitors as well as the heart and soul of Upcountry residents.

Throughout the decades, Casanova’s many accolades have included Best Italian Restaurant, Best Pizza, Best Dinner Value and Best Kid-Friendly Restaurant. It’s also the center of Upcountry nightlife with awards for Best Dance Floor, Best Late Night and Best Single Scene in Maui. A revolving door of world renown artists, Los Lobos, Willie Nelson, Kool & the Gang, Ritchie Havens, Sam Kinison and Taj Mahal, are just a few of the top-billed acts who have performed at Casanova.

There exists a captivating permanence in the history of the town: the funky and original buildings could be used as a backdrop in Hollywood cowboy movies, the local bakery still produces the same legendary cream puffs it has since the 1920s, sometimes horses slow traffic down, and, at rodeo time, cowboys and cowgirls from all over the State come into town to ride wild horses and bucking bulls at the biggest rodeo in Hawaii.

Then they all descend on Casanova for line dancing and cold Buds.

That’s one more unbreakable link between Casanova and its community.

It’s called Aloha. Love for the land and appreciation for each other.

Come and experience it at Casanova, the heart of the Upcountry community.

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Casanova Italian

Restaurant & Deli

Located at:
1188 Makawao Avenue
Makawao, HI 96768
Phone: (808) 572-0220