europe_jokeCasanova’s t shirts have been a favorite since a decade. Its short joke embodies the spirit of acceptance of ourselves and of our neighbors, which we call aloha. That spirit creates heaven wherever we are, in Europe or in Maui’s multi-ethnic community. The playful hell segment just reminds us how funny our differences can be when watched by a distance. Have fun and let us know when you meet a Casanova t shirt walking around anywhere in the world. That stranger and you have something more in common that a funny t shirt. You share an healthy approach to life. The ladies’ version of Casanova’s t shirt features the logo on front and has no printed joke on the back. Available in medium and large, black or white. Casanova’s t shirts are available for purchase at $20.00, Free S&H to anywhere in the US -international orders please email us for a quote. Call us at 808 572 0220 for your credit card information. Enjoy!

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Casanova Italian

Restaurant & Deli

Located at:
1188 Makawao Avenue
Makawao, HI 96768
Phone: (808) 572-0220